Session 1 (10/8/10)


Day 0:

Caravan Trip from Felig to Corvis

  • adventurers hired independently of each other to help guard caravan
  • traveled without incident until the final day
  • fog thickened as caravan entered Widower’s Wood (Could not see more than 10 ft.)
  • commotion up at the front
  • foot-long darts wizzed by, third driver took two in chest and (understandably) cowers, fourth driver took one in the throat and (understandably) starts to bleed out
  • skirmish ensues
  • Krasas uttered his now infamous tagline “GET THE FUCK OUT!” to a gobber trying to steal a chest from one of the wagons. Needless to say the gobber got the fuck out.
  • Karis managed to stabilize the fourth driver in less than six seconds. With one hand. And then still had time move on.
  • Kitty owned. ’Nuff said.
  • Mel shot a gobber in the chest, who somehow didn’t die
  • skirmish eventually subsided along with the fog
  • Gunner and Vego (second in command behind Gunner) took stock and found everyone to be alive with only some of the cargo stolen
  • Gunner upset over loss of cargo, but grateful everyone was ok and was especially thankful to Karis for saving his friend (fourth driver)
  • Gunner also saw Karis managed to capture the gobber she blasted in the face with a fireball, told someone to tie it up when asked what should be done with it
  • Krasas found the source of the thick fog, a Gobber Bellows, decided to keep it despite not being fully operational

Caravan arrived in the Cathedral of Morrow in Corvis.

  • Father Dumas healed survivors and players received payment for guard duty of the caravan in the form of 25 GP from Gunner.
  • Father Dumas impressed with adventurers’ prowess in defending the caravan and asked them if they would be interested in accepting an assignment on behalf of the church.
  • Krasas didn’t hear any of Father Dumas’ offer for he was outside waving farewell to the fireballed-in-the-face gobber as he was taken away by the security forces.
  • Krasas tried to flirt with a lady in white that appeared on a balcony. She rebuffed him.
  • The party later accepted Dumas’ offer and, instead of coinage, was given residence in the temple, as well as each receiving a medallion signifying them as an emissary of the church.
  • Mel and Krasas headed to Smity’s Tavern to see what information could be gathered about their new business from the barkeep. Nothing came of it except a bar full of happy drunkards and two bottles of wine as Krasas paid for it to be so.
  • Karis went looking for somebody who could tell her where a particular craftsman was. Bet the dwarf she met was really glad he had brown pants already on.
  • Tried to have a rave the first night in the room. No dice.

Day 1:


  • Party went to North Graveyard and talked to “Gum” brocker but he seemed not to know anything about the night the bodies were taken. While looking over the graves for clues, the party noticed a well armored man among the graves. Krasas initiated a conversation with him. (“’Suuuup!”) Turns out he was head of the townwatch. Nothing came of the exchange but pleasantries. He then bid the party farewell.
  • Went to alchemist’s shop on east side of town. Krasas sold Gobber Bellows for 80 GP then bought a healing salve and 3 Flame Wards. The shopkeep offered to treat Krasas’ clothes right there in the store if he was willing to wait for 15 minutes. Having neither another set of clothes on hand nor shame, he accepted. (Krasas gained Fire Resistance 10.)
  • Went to East Boneyard and met a tweaker who, after some bribing and cleaning of clothes through Krasas’ Prestidigitation which he didn’t even notice happen, told the party that he had seen “a real nice lady in clouds” come to the gravesites.

Party decided to do thar own thang furr durr ‘est of da’day

  • Krasas: preformed for the rest of the day in a prominent town square and earned 9 SP
  • Mel: further explored the swamp near the boneyard, came across a swampy in a (maybe) trap-surrounded house, only useful information was he knew the tweaker’s name, Egar
  • Keris: went looking for contacts by starting with Engine’s East – was asked to leave when a 1 reared its ugly head on a diplomacy check, went to a Union shop and met “Gobber Goggles”, struck a deal to pay him 30 GP to look for contact information of mechanik who could do Mechanika work on a people



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