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The current plan is to run games roughly every two weeks. Doing two weeks in a row occasionally works out just fine towards the middle of the quarter, when everyone has the time and wants to play more. On the other hand, waiting three weeks for a game can often make make things feel disconnected as players forget what happened during the last session, so the average may look more like 2 per 3 weeks or so.


The first session will be mostly character creation and familiarizing everyone with D&D – from “what the hell is it?” all the way down to the details of how far your character can jump. If you want to start thinking about characters, feel free to look at the Ruleset section below, grab the books and start researching. Just don’t be intimidated, we’ll have plenty of time to get people acclimated with the rules during character creation.

The six most important numbers for your character (called your abilities) describe your character’s most basic attributes – strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. These numbers start from 3-18 (high numbers are good), and are usually generated by dice roll during the first session. I have some issues with something so crucial being rolled out so casually, so I’ve adapted and designed a new system around a Tarot card reading, which simultaneously generates ideas about your character and gives you ability scores. So no, don’t roll up your characters just yet, but trust me the wait will be worth it.


Our game will take place within my personally modified version of the published “Iron Kingdoms” setting, on a continent called Immoren. Western Immoren is divided into an array of nations called the Iron Kingdoms, each with its own unique quirks and culture. What marks all of them, however, is the touch of technology mixed in amongst the otherwise magical trappings of their medieval realms.

Think castles, wizards, archery and swordplay, elves and dwarves in a world of monsters and dragons. Now imagine an industrial revolution thrown in atop everything, the construction of steamships and railroads, and the advent of firearms powered by magically infused blasting powder.

The proudest example of magical achievement and technological progress is the Kingdom of Cygnar. It is there where the campaign will begin, but not in the capital city or near in the lush southern kingdom, but in the city of Corvis – a mere island of civilization in the roughest part of greater Cygnar.


In short, we’re playing D&D 3.5.

The full story is that we wont actually be using the official rulebooks at all. For game rules, including everything from combat rules to classes and races, we’re using the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. For setting specific stuff, we’re using the “Iron Kingdoms Character Guide,” which includes additional character options as well as information about the world itself.

Other books from the same lines, including the Pathfinder Bestiary, the Iron Kingdoms Monsternomicon, the Witchfire Trilogy, and even the Iron Kingdoms World Guide, contain lots of spoilers, so please don’t read them for now. I also think the game will be much simpler if we stick to two books as sources, which will make things easier on the new folks.

An easy to browse hypertext version for quick reference can be found here.


You don’t need to buy anything for this game. I have tons of extra dice and things, and .pdfs of the books, so don’t worry about it unless you want your own stuff.


D&D books are expensive, especially the ones I’ve chosen. The Pathfinder book is huge, and the Iron Kingdoms books are all out of print, which has driven their costs through the roof. Because of this, I have downloaded the .pdf versions of all the books we need for you to use instead. If you still want to buy one of the books, the Pathfinder Core Rulebook is the cheapest and will be the most useful to you and the group.

I posted everything on Mediafire if you want to download them right away. You need to login as me, since I can’t list them as public (they detect it pretty fast and pull them offline):


ask me for the password…

Everything is there, but please stick to just the Character Guide, Pathfinder Core Rulebook for now. Other useful documents would be Character Portfolio, IK_to_Pathfinder, and the Players Handbook (not what you think it is). The rest would be best to avoid for now.

Dice & Minis

I have plenty of both, so you don’t need to buy anything. But, if you want your own dice or miniature, wander to the game shop and pick one up. Most minis are unpainted, even if it looks painted on the box, so watch out for that. Dice you’ll need are:

1 twenty sided die (1d20)

1 twelve sided die (1d12)

2 ten sided dice (2d10) – preferably different colors or one in increments of tens

1 eight sided die (1d8)

1 six sided die (1d6)

1 four sided die (1d4)

This type of setup is standard, and often come in prepacked sets of super cool designs. This runs about $10.

Campaign Info

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