Second Session

Second game is scheduled for Sunday Oct 24 at 1pm, and we’ll probably be done around 7. This game should see the introduction of a new player and a bit more delving into the secrets of Corvis. See you there!

First Session

We met up for the first time last Friday and got some awesome roleplaying in. The story moved a bit slow as we got through some of the rules stuff, but I think next time we should be able to get moving quickly and start really moving as people get more familiar with the rules.

Next game is tentatively scheduled for Friday Oct 22.

We Got a Wiki

This is going to be my way of getting info to you and allowing the group to communicate about stuff between sessions if you need to. The truth is that I’m just excited about playing with new tech stuff and I’m so stoked about finally playing D&D again that I got a wiki.

I’ll keep this page updated announcements and logistical stuff, and start putting together some structure to the Main Page, with some links to campaign info.

You can also use the message board to discuss game stuff, ask questions, post initial thoughts on characters, etc. The real benefit is that when we chat we don’t have to spam folks every time, and that everyone can see group conversations. Make some posts!

Game Info

I’m going to start putting together a Campaign Info page about the Witchfire Campaign. Have a look if you’re curious about what rules we’re using, if you need dice, etc.


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